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Meeting Mizushima and Drama Secrets?

Hey everyone,

I'm lucky enough to work at a British themed resort in Japan that was selected as one of the locations for Hiro's new drama, Mei-chan no Shitsuji!

Yesterday and Today they were here filming scenes for the first two episodes (I even got to photocopy the scripts for the writer XD) and I had the chance to talk briefly with a few of the gorgeous butlers and even Hiro!

I wrote about it in my journal so here's the report C&Ped here.

Monday night, Mizushima Hiro and group were checking in but I was told it would be midnight and I'm done at 10pm. Good news for me! They came at 9:45pm and I honestly wasn't expecting Hiro to be on the first crew bus so I'm holding the front door open for them and saying hello and this guy in a long puffy coat and toque says hello back and then recognition hits me that that was Hiro! He is tall and gorgeous in person!

I didn't do the check in since their producer or whatever title he holds came at 8pm and had everything ready so he gave out their keys. I just stood there trying not to stare at Hiro. -_-

Then I went home and baked cookies for Reception and since I made a double batch, I decided I would try to give them to the cast and crew.

Mission accomplished!

After a couple of hours of work I gave a few out to some of the crew that we chatted with here and there and then the "butlers" were done a scene and I pretty much jumped them to ask if they wanted cookies. They are all pretty and way too excited over cookies. They also took phone cam pics of each other which I can bet will be on their blogs tonight. The prettiest of the butler cast came up to me and mumbled something and I caught "gorgeous" and I responded with "yes you are" and he's all "no no, you are" I'm convinced he was pretending to be a host at the time since they were all goofing around about hosts/butlers/and reception thanks to their outfits.

After everyone changed and started to leave since they're on a four hour break before filming the last scene of the day, Hiro came to skim the newspapers and I really do feel like I jumped him. Well, after I gathered the courage to talk to him (afterward, Bruno--a teacher--said I was stiff and sounded nervous lol) So I grab my cookies and head in his direction...

Me: *mumbling his name a bit* Mizushima-sama... would you like a cookie? I baked them last night.
Hiro: is it okay?
Me: Oh yes, please have some.
Hiro: Thank you. :)
Me: You're welcome! They're M&Ms
Hiro: I love M&Ms
Me: Hope you enjoy it.
Hiro: *a few seconds later after eating half of it* Delicious! :)

I think I can die happy now. Okay, half true. I still want to meet Narimiya Hiroki. XD

And I forgot to mention that one of the pretty butlers shook my hand as he thanked me for the fifth time for the cookie and his hand was freezing. I couldn't stop myself from blurting that out either.

Me: Your hand is so cold!
Pretty Butler: I know! But cold hands, warm heart.
Me: *impressed he knows that expression in English* Exactly!

I wish I came up with something witty or flirty but can't win them all.

To the last scene of the night... it only featured Mei-chan's best friend. She's apparently kickass at cooking and this scene was her cooking or presenting something with people taking her picture. Those people? Four of my coworkers! Lucky!

Today was the last day of filming for this trip but it was my day off and while I thought about hanging out in Reception anyway to see more, I ended up staying in and being lazy. -_- However! They are coming back 4-6 more times in the next couple of months! I'm hoping to take pics with them next time or bake more goodies for everyone since I received so many compliments.

Also, according to one of the actors "it starts January 13th... but I'm not sure."

Oh yeah as a side note to HanaKimi fans: Oscar was here as well! Honey & Clover fans... the roommate with the glasses was here as well. Nana is so adorable with her short hair and she has super long legs, or at least they look long with that short school uniform skirt she was wearing. Sato Takeru wasn't here this time and while he's way too young for me, I'm hoping he'll come next time. XD

Sorry I didn't get pics and I don't have much else for info other than there's a fencing scene. I can, however, show some lame photos of the Reception area I took about a month ago to show everyone at home so you can get an idea of things. Oh, I don't think I mentioned it but the resort is Mei-chan's home. It was also used as MatsuJun's home in Hana Yori Dango. I get schoolgirls asking me about that pretty much every other day. @_@

Reception from main door..

From the stairs.

My daily view and the area that was likely used. The lobby shots were done in the morning and I start at 1pm. :(
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